Software Licensing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The Division of Information Technology (DIT) Software Licensing Office manages all institutional software purchases for the University of Maryland (UMD). To learn more about the Software Licensing Office, review the list of frequently asked questions below.

General information

What are your hours?

We are open 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

Where are you located?

We are located on the third floor of 5801 University Research Court, College Park, MD 20740.
NOTE: We are unable to accept walk-ins at our office location. Contact Software Licensing using the contact information above.

How can I get in touch with Software Licensing?



What is TERPware?

TERPware is UMD's online software licensing program. It hosts and licenses most of our software.

How does TERPware work?

Go to Log in with your University Directory ID, find the software you are looking for and follow the instructions on the page to install. Some software is available to members of the university for free, while others will require you to contact our office to acquire a license.

TERPware tells me I do not have access.

Who has access to TERPware?

I need help installing software I downloaded off of TERPware.

Each TERPware page will generally link to a knowledge article guiding you through the installation and activation process. The Service Desk may be able to provide additional guidance.



What is concurrent licensing?

Concurrent licensing is a software license model that is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. This model deals with software running on a server where users connect via the network.

What is maintenance?

Maintenance allows customers to receive upgrades to the specific product at no additional charge until maintenance expires. This is known as Software Assurance for Microsoft products.

What is the difference between an annual and perpetual license?

An annual license will expire either a year from the date of activation or on a set date every year. A perpetual license will never expire.

What is a contribution?

A contribution is an annual fee paid to allow a single user or an entire department to install software. Contributions are collected annually.

What if I lose my license code?

You can find license codes you have claimed by selecting the Keys and Licenses heading on the TERPware homepage.

I need to reinstall a program, can I get a new key for the software?

This will be dependent on the specific software and the circumstances of the situation. Please contact us at to make a request.

Can I use a license key from Software Licensing to activate a trial version of software?

In general, Software Licensing provides unique versions of software and the keys will not be compatible with standard retail copies.

How do I renew my license?

This depends on the software you are using. The first step is to check the product's TERPware page, as it will often have renewal instructions. Many products have annual licenses and will require you to contact Software Licensing to purchase a renewal.



How do I place an order?

Software Licensing orders are currently done through email. Faculty and staff that need to order software can email Software Ordering Contact from a address with a software request.

A Software Licensing associate will call you to verify the information required to complete your order.

What if I want a physical copy of my software?

We can currently create discs for most software at a cost of $10 per disc. We can then send it to you via courier, campus mail or US mail. You may also pick it up from our office.

NOTE: Physical media distribution will be discontinued in the near future, at which point you will need to download our software from TERPware.

Who is allowed to purchase software from DIT Software Licensing?

What if I can't find software on TERPware?

If you would like Software Licensing to look into acquiring a specific product, email us a request at Software Licensing Contact. Tell us what it does and how many people are interested in obtaining it.



Can I use the manufacturer's support services?

The majority of the software we sell does not include support. This allows us to reduce costs, but means that you may not be able to contact the manufacturer directly for support.

What do I do if I need help troubleshooting?

General questions should be directed to the Service Desk at 301.405.1500. More specialized questions can be sent to us at Software Licensing Contact or 301.405.2986. Please note that our office is not equipped to guide you through product installation or extensive troubleshooting.

We are able to submit support issues for the following products:

Please email us at Software licensing Contact with a full description your problem (including the version of software and operating system) and we will send it to the appropriate support team for assistance.


Returns and exchanges

What are the Software Licensing office's policies on returns and exchanges?