Contact Dell for Hardware Support

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Dell repair businesses

There are several businesses that provide Dell repair services near the University of Maryland College Park.


Contact Dell for mail-in repairs

If you don’t wish to visit a Dell authorized service provider in person, there are several other ways to contact Dell Support including virtual chat and phone. Visit Dell's Technical Support page to get started.


Before you bring your device in to a store

Before you bring your device to a store for support, it is highly recommended that you backup all your data before doing so. Dell has multiple options for backup but the most popular methods are:

Back up via OneDrive folder syncing

Please note that this method requires that you have connected and signed into your Dell device with a Microsoft account. This feature will not work for a school or work account; it must be with a personal account. 


Back up via hard drive or solid state drive

If you do not wish to use the cloud, you can use an external hard drive or solid state drive to backup your files. 


Back up via other cloud methods

There are other cloud methods such as Google Drive or UMD Box that also offer immediate syncing and backup between the computer and the cloud. Google Drive uses Google Drive for Desktop while UMD Box uses the Box app to do the same. Users can use their UMD accounts to log into both Google Drive and Box.



Most modern Dells have their hard drive encrypted with what is called Bitlocker. It is Dell’s main method of securing user data. If you had Bitlocker enabled when you send your laptop to repair, please note that upon return and initial startup, it may ask you to enter in a Bitlocker Key so that you may access your data again. This Bitlocker key can usually be found in your Microsoft Account under Devices - Recovery Keys. 

You can also disable Bitlocker by logging in with an Administrator account and going to Settings -> Privacy & Security (Windows 11) or Update & Security (Windows 10) -> Device Encryption. You can also go to the search bar in the taskbar and look up Manage Bitlocker.
NOTE: Bitlocker is not available for Windows 10/11 Home Edition. 


Gathering information

The technicians may ask for identification and/or a sales receipt if you have it. You will also need to know your computer username and password. If you have issues relating to power or ports, you may also need to bring in your charger. It is also recommended that you remove all accessories from the device including cases, camera covers, and/or stickers that you may wish to keep.