Creating and Managing Projects in GCP Environment

What is the goal and primary motivation for DIT managing UMD GCP?

How do I get a project created in the UMD GCP environment?

Why is DIT contacting me about an existing GCP project?

How long can a project remain in the GCP environment?

What happens to inactive projects?

Can permissions be delegated to department IT to manage Google Cloud projects?

Is Google Earth Engine part of the GCP environment?

This does not show up on the google cloud pricing calculator. Many of our end-users use Google Earth Engine. It is for us to understand if we can purchase resources beyond the free tier, and if it is part of the GCP contract.

There may be multiple projects on GCP associated with email addresses. Do you need all of those migrated to campus agreement? Is there a similar requirement for email addresses?

Most of the existing GCP projects are using free tier provided through GCP. Do you require those to migrate as well?

How does billing within GCP work?

Does GCP billing require quotes or use existing campus quotes similar to AWS?