Automated Software Updates for IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Clients

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IBM Spectrum Protect backup clients can now be upgraded transparently through the Spectrum Protect backup server.  If you would like to request automatic upgrades for systems that utilize our Data Backup service technology, IBM Spectrum Protect, please email In general, backup service engineers will stage upgrades in two upgrade windows that will be communicated at least two weeks prior to the first upgrade window.  Clients who have been identified as being part of window one will be upgraded, followed shortly by the window two client candidates.  Systems that were identified as manual-upgrade candidates will not be staged for auto-upgrades.  

Note, the following client requirements that DIT will help ensure are met as we identify clients that can be upgraded through the ISP server.

Client requirements

IBM Spectrum Protect backup-archive clients that you plan to update through the Spectrum Protect server must meet the following requirements:


Microsoft Windows clients must meet the following additional requirements



You can schedule only backup-archive client updates. Updates for other client types must be manually installed, e.g., TDP for SQL , TDP for Oracle. Microsoft Windows cluster services environment is NOT supported.

DIT cannot issue automatic client deployments to systems that have any of the following applications installed on them.

You can schedule updates to existing clients only. You cannot use the the IBM Spectrum Protect server to install a new client.