GlobalProtect VPN Login Change

An upcoming change to GlobalProtect will begin having users log into GlobalProtect with the system default browser instead of using the GlobalProtect embedded browser. The new steps to log in are:

  1. Click Connect in GlobalProtect. Your computer's default browser will open automatically and display the CAS login screen. You can then enter your username and password in CAS.
  2. Your computer's default browser will display a popup dialog asking you to open GlobalProtect. Check the box next to Always allow and then click the Open GlobalProtect button.
    Note: You only need to check the box once, and you will not see this popup again the next time you need to connect to GlobalProtect.
    Screenshot of default browser
  3. If you don't see the popup, click click here on the Authentication Complete browser page to open the dialog.
    Screenshot of authentication complete.
  4. GlobalProtect will successfully connect. If there are any issues contact the IT Service Desk.