Morphic Basic Toolbar: A quick access to your computer's accessibility features

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Morphic is an open-source tool system that makes technology use significantly more usable for individuals with disabilities and others who have difficulty using standard digital setups.

Morphic Basic toolbar is a tool that provides quick access to many computer accessibility features with one click, supporting those with disabilities who need to access the accessibility features, as well as members of our community who, because of temporary disability or preference, would like to use the accessibility features to best complete their work.  

Morphic Basic toolbar provides quick access to your computer’s accessibility features which may be difficult to find. These features include adjusting text size, contrast, magnification, read selected text, and the snip tool. 
Screenshot of Morphic basic toolbar

To learn more about Morphic Basic Features watch the video Morphic Basic (3 min).


Installing Morphic on a personal or university-owned computer

You may download Morphic for your personal or university-owned Windows or Mac computer at no cost. Morphic is available to Students, Faculty, and Staff of the University of Maryland and their family and friends, and can be installed on machines that are owned by the individual, the university, or family and friends.



For assistance or questions about Morphic, we recommend first visiting the Morphic FAQ page. If you still need assistance, email or