Adding your NameBadge to Your Email Signature

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NameCoach is a resource that enables you to record a pronunciation of your name (your NameBadge) and share this pronunciation via ELMS-Canvas or in your email signature. NameCoach can be accessed by faculty and students via ELMS-Canvas to create a NameCoach Roster, which allows those with access to a course with a NameCoach Roster in ELMS-Canvas to view the first name, last name, email address, phonetic spelling and pronunciation of the members of the course.  To set up a NameCoach Roster on ELMS-Canvas, please see: NameCoach and NamePage Access and Features.

You can also access NameCoach directly by going to the NameCoach site and creating a NameBadge and account by using your UMD e-mail address. You can then add a link to your NameBadge in your e-mail signature through the NameCoach site. (Note that accessing NameCoach directly does not route you through the University of Maryland CAS authentication.)  

Creating your NameCoach account and recording your NameBadge

If you have not yet created a NameCoach account or recorded a NameBadge, please go to the following: Creating Your NameCoach Account and Recording a NameBadge.


Adding your NameBadge to your email signature

Your recordings

In your NameCoach account, go to the Your Recordings tab in your NameCoach Dashboard.  You will see the recording you have made for your NameBadge (your Name Profile), and also any recordings you may have associated with an ELMS-Canvas course.

Your Recordings List in NameCoach


Select your NameBadge to add to your email signature

  1. Scroll to the bottom f the Your Recordings page to the Your NameBadge box, and click the tab: Add NameBadge to your Email Signature.
  2. The NameBadge can be displayed in your email signature in three different styles:  as just a button; as a button with the text "Hear my name;" and as a hyperlink.
  3. Choose how you wish your NameBadge to be indicated in your email signature.


Add your NameBadge to your email signature (gmail)

  1. Sign in to your UMD Google Gmail account with your UMD credentials.
  2. In the top-right corner, click on the gear icon to open your email settings.
  3. Click on See All Settings.
  4. You will be brought to the General tab.  Scroll down this page to the Signature section.
  5. In the Signature text editing area, place your cursor where you wish your NameBadge indicator to be, and paste by pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard (or by right-clicking and selecting Paste).
  6. At the bottom of the page, click Save Settings to save your NameBadge to your email signature.


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