Access MVS with the Mocha TN3270 Terminal Emulator

Mocha TN3270 is a Terminal Emulator used for accessing the University of Maryland's mainframe systems. This application is a download from Terpware. In addition to the application, the License Name and Key are located on the same page where the download is accessed. Before opening, be sure that you are connected to UMD's Global Protect VPN.

The configuration items for opening a File or New Session for accessing the Mainframe are:

To use Mocha to access MVS, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click the Connect button to begin the mainframe login.
    Illustration of the Open Button for Mocha
  2. Choose the mainframe system that you want to access. For example, to go to the Production CICS system, you would enter A and then press the Enter key.
    Illustration for the Mocha Landing Page for the UMD Mainframe
  3. The next screen that will appear is the CICS Signon screen. Enter your mainframe User ID and Password. Then press the Enter key. This will log you into CICS.
    Illustration for logging into mainframe using ID and password