Duo Mobile "Account Error"


I receive the following Duo Mobile app error while attempting to approve a Duo Push on my iOS device:

Account Error
Something unexpected happened. Please contact your helpdesk.
NSURLErrorDomain -1200


Duo Mobile on iOS.


Please try the following steps to resolve the error.

  • If you're on campus and connected to Wi-Fi, make sure you're connected to eduroam, and not umd-guest.
  • If you're off campus and connected to Wi-Fi, temporarily disconnect from Wi-Fi and see if the issue occurs while using your device's cellular connection (if available).

If the steps above don't resolve the error, contact the IT Service Desk for additional assistance.


For more information, see How do I resolve the error "NSURLErrorDomain - 999" when approving a Duo Push on iOS? and Why do I see an invalid certificate or SSL error when trying to activate Duo Mobile on iOS?.