Getting started with your AWS account

This document will help you get started with a newly created, or transferred, AWS account. 

What to expect from your AWS Account

If you have a DIT-managed AWS account you should know that:


Log in to your account

Access to DIT provided AWS accounts uses SAML authentication and is a 2-step process. 

  1. Users must first login as an IAM role based on their HR group 
  2. Users can then assume 1 or more IAM roles related to functional tasks. These functional roles may be in multiple AWS accounts. VPN is required to complete this activity from off-campus. Visit and click GlobalProtect Agent in the top right to download the version for your Operating System.


For detailed instructions on how to login to the AWS Web Console please refer to


Grant access to your account

If additional users need access to this account you should add them to the associated Grouper group. For more information on how to access and manage groups within Grouper please refer to: Add Users to Access Groups using Grouper.


When a new AWS account is created and if an account is transferred to the DIT AWS organization, a new IAM role called DeptAdmin is created with full admin access.  An associated Grouper group is also created and should be used to grant access to the account.  This role has administrative access to the account and can do most things except for a subset of billing activities and tasks requiring root access.  If you need more granular roles defined for your account please contact IT Cloud Support



Bills for AWS services will be delivered via DIT One Bill.  For more information on One Bill please refer to: UMD AWS Billing Process

 If your account was recently transferred to the DIT managed AWS Organization the bill for the first month of services may be split:


UMD maintains an Enterprise Support contract with AWS which is available to all member AWS accounts. Administrators can use the Support Center portion of the AWS console to open cases directly with AWS support. More information on the features and response times of Enterprise Support can be found at the following pages.