Google Workspace Admin and Super-Admin Roles

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Google Workspace Administration

This article describes a various types of the administrative roles to manage UMD Google Workspace environment. You can request access to Google Workspace using "Google Workspace Access Request Form".

What is a Google Workspace: Connecting to UMD Virtual Workspace- IT Support - UMD (

Super-Admin Role

Super-Admin can perform any administration on Google Workspace (formerly GAFE).

Users Admin Role

Users Admin manage UMD users, groups, calendars events, mail log search, vault search, Admin Console Investigation Tool. Same APIs.

Intended users:

Groups Admin Role

Groups Admin manage UMD Google Groups.

Intended usage:

Calendar Admin Role

Calendar Admin manage calendars events.

Intended users:

Read-only Admin Role

Read-only Admin manage Google Admin dashboards, Security Center Health and Reports, Investigation Tool, Alerts Center, and Read-Only access for DLP.

Intended users:

Device Manager Role

Device Manager is for enrolling and getting info on the enrolled Chromebooks within your department or school.

Legacy Enterprise Support Role

Legacy Enterprise Support log tickets with Google Workspace vendor support.

DLP Admin Role

DLP Admin manage Data Layer Protection on Google Workspace - create/manage rules to search google docs/files for credit card numbers, social security numbers, health records, and more.

Intended users: