Install Eduroam Wireless Network Certificate

When the Division of IT updates the security certificate for eduroam, users must install or accept the new certificate in order to connect to eduroam. Some devices may present you with a security message, others may simply be unable to connect. We recommend telling your devices to forget the eduroam network and then follow the steps below.

NOTE: iPhone and iPad users have to use Safari to download the SecureW2 certificate as other browsers (non-Safari) are incompatible.

  1. Run SecureW2 from
    • It is a wireless network access tool that verifies your identity and grants access to eduroam.
    • If you are already on campus, use one of the options below to get online to run SecureW2:
      • Log in as a guest, by choosing umd-guest from the list of detected wireless networks.
      • Use your cellular data.
    • Students, faculty, and staff can run SecureW2 prior to coming to campus as it can be done away from UMD.
  2. To manually download the certificate and configure the eduroam network settings, 
    • Visit
    • Select Non-specific OS under the Select your device drop-down menu.
      SecureW2 site. Select your device, Non-specifc OS.
    • Download the certificate onto your device, then connect to eduroam with the settings provided on the page. 

NOTE:  If you have tried the above steps and your device fails to connect to eduroam, please forget eduroam and uninstall SecureW2. Now reinstall SecureW2 by going to If there are still any issues, contact the Service Desk.