Windows 10 Feature Branch 1909 to 21H2 DIT Upgrade Instructions 

NOTE: The upgrade from 1909 to 21H2 takes approximately forty-five minutes to complete. You can continue working on your computer for approximately the first thirty minutes. If you are working remotely, make sure you are connected to GlobalProtect VPN before beginning.

  1. Click the Windows Start button and type Software Center into the search bar to open the application.
  2. On the left hand side of Software Center, click ‘Operating Systems.
  3. Select TS-DIT-Windows Feature Update Windows 10 21H2 and click Install.
  4. Click Install on the Confirm you want to upgrade the operating system on this computer popup.
  5. The task sequence will open a progress bar. You can use your machine while it runs. It will be approximately thirty minutes before you get a popup, Initializing system shutdown and a countdown before the machine restarts. At this point you will no longer be able to use your computer until the upgrade is complete.
  6. After the initial restart, you will have a blue screen with the message Working on updates. Don’t turn off your PC. This may take a while.
  7. The machine will restart several times over the next ten minutes before returning you to the Windows login screen.
  8. After logging in, the computer will take approximately five minutes to apply the last set of updates before taking you to your desktop.
  9. The upgrade to Windows 10 Feature Update 21H2 is complete.