UMD Box Classification Labels and Retention Policy

Table of contents

UMD Box classification labels

Classification labels allow the classification of files based on their sensitivity and enforce access policies associated with that sensitivity level.  Classification labels help identify sensitive information and encourage safe behavior when people handle that content. To learn more, refer to Box University documentation about classification labels.


Active UMD classification labels

Only File/Folder Owners and Co-owners can change classification labels on files and folders. Below is a description of UMD Box classification labels.

  Low risk Moderate risk High risk
Shared link No restriction; can Share with anyone UMD and specific collaborators only Collaborators only
External collaborators No restriction, can Share with anyone Approved external collaborators No external collaborators
Download and print No restriction Restricted for external collaborators Restricted for all
Application No restriction Restricted to approved apps Restricted to only specific apps
FTP No restriction No restriction Restricted

NOTE: Classification labels in Box will use colors similar to those indicated above.


UMD Box retention policy

Retention policies are designed to help the UMD community to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Once a retention policy is applied to content the Time Period and Apply Policy To settings cannot be changed, and folders can’t be removed. Search Box University documentation about retention policies to learn more. 
Common retention use-cases


Request the retention policy feature

Fill out the UMD Box Feature request form to access this feature.