Duo Mobile Error Message in Firefox


I'm receiving a {"stat": "FAIL", "message": "Please enter a passcode."} error when I click the Duo Mobile MFA Send me a Push button in Firefox.


  • Duo Mobile MFA
  • Firefox


  1. Access the Cookies and Site Data preference in Firefox using Mozilla's Manage local site storage settings article.
  2. Select Manage Data….
  3. In the Search websites box, search duosecurity.com.
  4. Select duosecurity.com in the results.
  5. Select the Remove Selected button.
  6. Return to the Search websites box, clear the existing query, and search umd.edu.
  7. Select umd.edu in the results.
  8. Select the Remove Selected button.
  9. Select the Save Changes button.
  10. Try to authenticate with Duo Mobile MFA again.


Bad site data and/or cookies are stored in Firefox.