New Duo MFA login screen


What is changing with the Duo Multi-factor authentication (MFA) login screen?


The look and feel of the multi-factor authentication login screens within the UMD CAS will change on Aug 1, 2022. The updated authentication is a part of Duo’s Universal Prompt. The Universal Prompt provides a simplified Duo experience over the traditional prompt without losing any authentication options currently available.

New Universal prompt and traditional prompt comparison

New universal prompt

Duo's new Universal prompt

Traditional prompt

the traditional Duo prompt.

Remember me

The Remember me for 5 days feature has changed. To establish a remembered device, you can select the Yes, trust browser button during the authentication process. For more information about remembered devices, visit Duo's remembered device guide.

click yes, trust browser to remember the device.

Default authentication method

Duo will default to the last used authentication method unless you cancel the authentication in-process and choose a different device. Then that method becomes the first choice for that application.

To choose a different method

  1. Select Other options near the bottom.
  2. This displays a list of all your available authentication methods.
  3. Select the one you want to use to complete authentication.

For more information, see Duo's choose a method guide.