IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.X Installation and Configuration for Macintosh

This article assumes that you have completed the Node Backup Request form and that you have received a confirmation email or update in request ticket  confirming your node registration.


  1. Download the latest binary that is supported on your operating system from the Terpware.
    • Extract unzipped files into specific directory enter
    • tar -xvzf SP_CLIENT_8.1.14_MAC_ML.tar.gz -C <pathtowhereyouwantountar>
    • cd <pathtowhereyouwantountar>/TSMCLI_MAC/tsmcli/mac
  2. Go to your Download location and open the .dmg package you downloaded in step 1. Double-click the IBM Spectrum Protect.pkg file.
  3. The Install IBM Spectrum Protect window will open, at the Introduction prompt, click Continue.
  4. The Read Me prompt will open showing information about System Requirements and more. Click Continue.
  5. Software License Agreement. Click Continue.
  6. To continue installing the software you must agree to the terms of the software license agreement. Click Agree to continue.
  7. The Installation Type prompt will open. Click Install.
  8. The Summary prompt will open and a green circle with a check mark will show telling you the installation was successful. Click Close.




Test and Schedule ISP Backup for Macintosh


To Schedule ISP backup

Start the Client Acceptor Deamon


To test backup

Start the ISP Gui

You will see Welcome to IBM Spectrum Protect. Click below to perform a task

Double click on Backup ->Click on Local and pick directory or file you want to backup

Click on Backup 

You will see the following you backup completed 


To test Restore

Start the ISP Gui

You will see Welcome to IBM Spectrum Protect. Click below to perform a task

Double click on Restore ->Click on directory or a file  you want to Restore

Click Restore -> you have to select Destination for restored objects and click Restore 



The following confirms you restore completed successful



With services and backup connectivity configured and tested, your system will backup according to the TSM schedule entry provided in the confirmation message  If your backup fails or is missed, an automatic alert is generated each morning that will email all technical contacts for the machine.  It is the responsibility of the client administrators or users to correct any alerts and errors that may be received from the Division of IT.  For further assistance, contact the Service Desk or email