ELMS-Canvas SSL Validation Error


I get an error screen when accessing ELMS-Canvas.




If you are experiencing the SSL validation error it is recommended that you update your browser to one of the following browser versions: 

  • Internet Explorer 7 or newer, on Windows Vista or newer.
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
  • Opera 8.0 or newer (TLS 1.1 protocol needs to be enabled)
  • Opera Mobile with at least version 10.1 bèta on Android
  • Google Chrome (Vista or newer. XP on Chrome 6 or newer)
  • OS X 10.5.7 or newer on Chrome 5.0.342.1 or newer
  • Safari 2.1 or later (Mac OS X 10.5.6 or newer and Windows Vista or newer)
  • Konqueror/KDE 4.7 or newer
  • MobileSafari in Apple iOS 4.0 or newer
  • Android default browser on Honeycomb or newer
  • Windows Phone 7
  • MicroB on Maemo 

For more information please review the ELMS-Canvas release notes and this ELMS-Canvas guide for a list of browsers that are SNI compatible.


You may encounter Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) validation errors if their browser or any other tools interacting with ELMS-Canvas is not Server Name Indication (SNI) compatible.