AD Tools in the UMD Virtual Workspace


The UMD Virtual Workspace provides access to several Active Directory management tools for campus OU administrators. These are displayed as individual applications in the UMD Virtual Workspace. 


These tools are restricted to campus OU administrators. If you haven't already done so, please request access to your department's OU via the OU Administrator Access form

Directions for connecting to the UMD Virtual Workspace can be found here. **When initially connecting to the Remote Desktop client, you must use your and directory password.**

Running the AD Tools

  1.  Double click on the application that you want to run.

  2.  You will see the program start to launch and then request credentials. Select "More choices" at the bottom of the window.

  3.  Under "More choices" you will see the option to use another account. Select this option. 

  4.  Type in your OU administrator credentials as shown below and hit "OK".

  5.  The application will load. Additional applications that are launched while you are connected to the session will run with the same credentials provided in step 4. 


For assistance with these tools, please reach out to the campus AD administrators at