GlobalProtect VPN Server Certificate Error


I receive a Server Certificate Error message when trying to connect to GlobalProtect VPN. The error details state, The portal certificate is expired.


GlobalProtect VPN


Confirm GlobalProtect VPN is configured to use the appropriate portal address,

  1. Select the GlobalProtect icon in the Windows task bar or macOS menu bar. The GlobalProtect pop-over window will appear.
  2. Select the three-bar menu icon.
  3. Select Settings. The GlobalProtect Settings will appear in a new window.
  4. Select the General tab, if not already selected.
  5. In the Portals section, check if is listed.
  6. If not, add a new portal by selecting the plus button.
  7. Enter in the Portal Address: field.
  8. Select the Save button.

Connect using the portal.

  1. Select the GlobalProtect icon in the Windows task bar or macOS menu bar. 
  2. If more than one portal was listed in GlobalProtect Settings, a Portal drop-down menu is shown at the bottom. Make sure is displayed here.
  3. Select the Connect button.


The Portal Address for UMD's VPN is incorrect in GlobalProtect.