Joining a Google Group from an email


Join a Google Group automatically.


Google Groups.


As a Group manager

  • From Group Settings/Who can see group and Who can join.
    • Organization members for anyone with a @umd account.
    • Anyone on the web for anyone outside of @umd (such as @terpmail, @google, etc.).
      Illustration of Anyone on the web
  • For Anyone on the web, make sure that Allow external members is set to On. Click Save changes.
    Illustration of Allow external members

Sending an Email request to join

  • Anyone can join by sending an email to the group (<groupname> is the syntax).
  • Compose/Send an email to
  • The requestor should receive a Join Request email message, where they would click Join This Group.
    Illustration of email message for Join request
  • The Google Group app will open. The requestor will need to click Join group.
  • The requestor would be provided with options to Link to my Google account profile, and Subscribe me to email updates.  
    They would need to click Join group.


Group members would send an email to the group (groupname> is the syntax). Send a message to