Windows Bitlocker End User Experience

Once the policy is deployed to endpoints and your device checks in to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, you will see the Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring popup. It may take up to one hour after your device has checked in for this to occur.

NOTE: If you select Postpone you will be notified every hour until you start the encryption process.

  1. Click Start to start the disk encryption process on your workstation.

    Bitlocker drive encryption monitor

  2. Once the Encryption Wizard starts you will see a progression bar. Click Close and the encryption process will proceed in the background.

    BitLocker Encrypting window

  3. You will be notified that the Encryption Wizard will continue. Click OK. You can continue to work as normal.
    NOTE: Hard disk utilization will go up during the encryption process but you should not notice any performance issues. CPU and memory utilization should not be affected.

    Closing encryption wizard window

  4. Upon successful completion, you will see the following dialogue. Click Close. Your hard drive is now encrypted.

    BitLocker Encryption Complete

For information on how to recover your BitLocker key, visit Recover Bitlocker key