IT Resources Orientation


UMD DIT Resources


DIT offers many services. These are some of the essentials.

Email at UMD

At UMD, there are two email systems set in place. There is Terpmail for students and UMD Gmail for faculty/staff

Accessing the campus network

The campus has two general wifi networks. Eduroam is for the UMD community and visitors from other academic institutions and the Guest Wifi.

IT security awareness at UMD

Here are multiple resources and dangers to stay away from.

Storage for files

UMD offers cloud storage with both Google Drive and Box.

Services for UMD visitors

Guests and hosts get access to certain services at UMD.

Get support

If you need technical support for any DIT service, visit our support page or search support articles.

Students and faculty start here

We have curated a DIT resource page for instructors and a DIT resource page for students.