ELMS course roster is displaying incorrect name


You recently corrected or changed your legal name with the University, but some parts of ELMS are displaying the incorrect name. 




There are two places within ELMS that you'll need to update: Profile and Settings.

  1. Log in to ELMS with your Directory ID and Password.
  2. Select the Account button in the ELMS navigation sidebar. A list of account-related links will appear.
  3. Select Profile from the list of links.
  4. Select the Edit Profile button.
  5. Update the information in the Name: field.
  6. Select the Save Profile button.
  7. Select the Account button in the ELMS navigation sidebar again.
  8. Select Settings.
  9. Select the Edit Settings button.
  10. Update the information in the Full Name:Display Name:, and Sortable Name: fields.
  11. Select the Update Settings button.


The name was changed after the course was populated so ELMS contained outdated information.