Log in to Denodo

NOTE: To be able to login to Denodo, you need to be on VPN and a Denodo user (in the Denodo list of people).

  1. Go to the Denodo Solution Manager, QA Denodo Solution Manager, or Prod Denodo Solution Manager.
  2. Click the Single Sign-On button and log in with your credentials.
  3. From the Denodo Solution Manager landing page, click the link for the Design Studio application
    • Denodo Design Studio will list all the Denodo databases you have access to.
    • Some Oracle database schemas have been represented as Denodo databases.
  4. Expand the databases and expand folders to list the base views that are available to you for querying.
  5. Click a folder to list its base views 1_connectivity and 2_Base_Views.
    Image showing expanded base views 1_connectivity and 2_Base_Views
  6. To view data in the base view, select the base view and double click.
  7. Click the Execution panel link in the top right section of the page.
  8. Click the Execute link in the lower right to view the data