Denodo FAQ

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Can I still use Hyperion to connect to the databases?

After January 31 for ITAP10 users and May 31 for ITWP10/ITFP10 users, access to the Oracle databases will be revoked and all connections will be made through a Denodo connection. Because Hyperion is no longer supported by the vendor or DIT, it is not compatible with Denodo and therefore will no longer work for ad-hoc querying.


If I can't use Hyperion, then what tool can I use?

DIT supports Tableau and SAS Enterprise Guide for your ad-hoc querying needs. Denodo also comes with a built-in query editor, and tools such as DbVisualizer have been tested successfully with Denodo connections as well. Learn how to get access to Denodo through DbVisualizer through our Configure Access to Denodo article.


Do I need to change my connections within the application integrations I have built?

No, you will not need to change integration connections to the Oracle databases. Service accounts will be transferred to the new Oracle database instances.


Why are we making these changes to our database access?

In an effort to maintain a secure and supported database platform, it is imperative that we upgrade and patch our infrastructure. Our current infrastructure is coming up at its end of life and will be unsupported by the vendor by early summer 2022. With this in mind, we must modernize our infrastructure to allow it to not only be upgraded to the next version but to also position ourselves to have regular upgrades and patches in as automated a fashion as possible.

Unfortunately, this means that some legacy applications, such as Hyperion, will no longer work like this software, itself, is past the end of life with its vendor and is no longer being patched or supported. 


Do you know if the data sets and queries that I've created in Hyperion will still be accessible?

Datasets that have been saved locally on your machine should remain accessible once we modernize our infrastructure. It is also expected that you will be able to view any queries written. However, you will no longer be able to execute queries against the DIT-supported Oracle databases using Hyperion.


Does it require VPN?

Yes, VPN is required.


What is the process for getting someone access to it if they don't already have it?

You are expected to complete the Denodo ad-hoc query request form.


Will existing data queries using Oracle tables in Tableau and SAS need to be altered for Denodo?

SAS administrators will point existing references to Oracle tables to point to Denodo, minimizing the need for users to make manual changes to their existing queries in SAS Enterprise Guide. If users have used the Folder view to build their projects, they will need to switch to using the Server view. Documentation for the Oracle-Denodo Migration for SAS Enterprise Guide.

Oracle data connections in Tableau will need to be manually converted to Denodo connections in Tableau Desktop by report authors. Documentation for the Oracle-Denodo Migration for Tableau.