Requesting an AWS Cloud Account

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Overview of Process to Obtain New AWS Cloud Account

New AWS Cloud accounts are acquired by submitting an AWS Cloud Account Request form and receiving request approval from UMD AWS Administrators.

The time to process requests will differ on a case by case basis.

After your account request has been processed, you will receive a notification about the status of your request.

In order for your account request to be approved, it is important that you fill out the request form correctly before submitting.


Navigating to AWS Cloud Account Request Form

There are two ways you can navigate to the AWS Cloud Account Request form.

          IT Support Portal Search Query 'AWS Cloud Account Request' with AWS Cloud Request Form as Top Result


        Picture of AWS Cloud Account Page with Blue AWS Cloud Request Form Button


Filling out AWS Cloud Account Request Form

Below are the required form fields where user specification is needed and the outline for the correct formatting of each field.

Form Field Type Description
Primary Owner 

Drop Down

Name of the primary owner for requested AWS Account



Four character department descriptions (Examples: ENGR, BMGT, MATH)



Short description of the service/project that will run in this AWS account. For generic (multi-use) cases, ‘it’ may be used.


Text Box

Long(er) description of what the account will be used for, the service(s) running within it, and other relevant details

Admin HR Group


Full path to the HR group (timesheet group) that contains the people who will be given full admin access to the account. (Example: 'libr-libraries-it')

Charge to KFS Account


KFS number that will incur the charges associated with this AWS account

Description for Financial Approvals Text-Box Context for the KFS fiscal officer who will be approving AWS request
Add Owner Notifications

Drop Down 

Full name of the AWS account owner

Add Group/Reflector Notifications

Drop Down 

Full name of the group/reflector email(s)


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