Go Live on Pantheon for the first time

You’ve had your site provisioned on Pantheon, now what?

Typically, you'll create content in the Live environment in line with the Pantheon WebOps Workflow. However, when deploying a newly-built site for the very first time, it is often necessary to push the content "up", which is the opposite of the normal content workflow. In this case, you may move the database and files (e.g. images) from Dev or Test to Live via the Database/Files > Clone area of the Dashboard.

Note: Moving content up to Live should almost never be done on a launched site. The only exception is if that site is 100% read-only, as pushing the database and files will overwrite all changes made in Live, like comments or ecommerce orders from the public. Also note that overwriting the database of a Live environment may cause downtime.

Steps to go live the first time

  1. Commit code and add content to the Dev environment.  
  2. Email drupal@umd.edu with the name of the site and the preferred date/time to go live.  

DIT will promote code to the Test and Live environments if needed, set up the site behind the Pantheon Advanced Global CDN and work with the NOC to complete the DNS cutover.  DIT completes these requests in 1-2 business days.