LAMP Retirement FAQ

Table of Contents

What are the next steps?

  1. Please review this FAQ.
  2. Please email to confirm receipt of the email communication and if you have questions.  The DIT Unix and Website Administration teams are available for discussions throughout this process.
  3. Please email once your team has determined what the best solution is for you and the expected timeline.
  4. Please submit a request to DIT as noted under the section, what assistance can DIT provide in migrating to one of these solutions.


Why are the LAMP websites being retired?

The Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) website servers hosted by the Division of IT were originally deployed in 2009 to support university website hosting needs. Since the original deployment of LAMPs, DIT has added newer, more modern web hosting services that can better support current accessibility and security standards.

These newer website hosting solutions scale better, are more secure, and provide a more modern framework. Rather than making the further investment to update the LAMP server hosting service, it will be retired. To learn about the newer website hosting options, please visit Choose a Web Hosting Service.   


What is the timeline?

Timeline; listed below.

NOTE: If your site accepts payment cards or has a link for customers to pay by credit card, the new hosting server must meet PCI compliance standards. Contact to discuss the process. Those sites will need to move away from LAMP on a shorter timeframe than the overall retirement deadline. 


What are DIT-supported website solutions?

DIT offers quite a few newer, more modern, web hosting services


What assistance can DIT provide when migrating to one of these solutions?

The Website Administration team frequently assists website and content administrators with provisioning supported website hosting solutions. After reviewing the supported solutions noted above, please feel free to request a website or send an email to if you would like a backup of your site provided to you or have questions about the website offerings.


Where can I get more information about the decommissioning process?

DIT representatives from the Unix and Website Administration team will be available for discussions throughout the retirement process. Please contact with any questions.


What costs are associated with these supported solutions?

Currently, the Google Sites, Static Hosting, and WordPress hosting services are available at no charge. Pricing for Drupal hosting on Pantheon is posted in the IT Service Catalog.


Those solutions won’t work, or I still want a LAMP. Can I find my own LAMP hosting provider?

The solutions offered by DIT may not meet the needs of all site owners. It is not a requirement that UMD sites are hosted on DIT services. While we encourage site owners to migrate to a more secure and modern platform, significant site redesign could be required to do so. As you research third-party providers, please keep in mind that providers may require site administrators to perform backend work (patching, software version control, admin user access, system administrator functions, etc.). Also, please ensure that UMD website requirements are supported, for example, web accessibility and PCI compliance.


What assistance can DIT provide migrating to a third-party solution?

While DIT can’t do code review, we can provide a zipped version of the website that content owners may be able to use to bring the site up with a third-party provider--this may reduce the time needed to deploy a new website. DIT can provide the software versions currently being used in LAMP, which may be helpful in a discussion with a new hosting provider. Please note that a major code overhaul may be required for the site to function properly in a new hosted environment.


What additional responsibilities are there if I use a third-party solution?

Please refer to If a third-party vendor will be hosting a link to accept payment cards or has a link for customers to pay by credit cards, please contact before engaging with this vendor to ensure they meet PCI Compliance Standards.


What if my site accepts payment cards?

If your site accepts payment cards or has a link for customers to pay by credit card, the new hosting server must meet PCI Compliance Standards. Contact to discuss the process. Those sites will also need to move away from LAMP on a much shorter timeframe than the overall retirement deadline.