User Consent for Single Sign-On

The Research and Scholarship (R&S) Entity category defines a simple and scalable way to streamline federated research access. Identity providers (IdP) supporting the R&S category agree to release basic, pre-defined person directory information to all service providers (SP) serving the Research and Scholarship community.

Example Service Providers may include (but are not limited to) collaborative tools and services such as wikis, blogs, project and grant management tools that require some personal information about users to work effectively. This Entity Category should not be used for access to licensed content such as e-journals or for general-purpose services such as Box.

The InCommon federation (of which UMD is a member) has partnered with its peer federations worldwide to create the Research & Scholarship entity category. Supporting R&S means users have instant access to research collaboration resources worldwide. Some InCommon-registered R&S providers include:

Log into a service with user consent for Single Sign-On

  1. Log into a Research and Scholarship (R&S)Entity Category service.
  2. Central Authentication Service (CAS) will open with the logo of the service being accessed and an additional checkbox that reads, CLEAR PRIOR GRANTING OF PERMISSION FOR RELEASE OF YOUR INFORMATION TO THIS SERVICE
    • This will clear your cache removing any previous choice.
      Updated CAS screen that includes the new checkbox featured in this step.
  3. Complete Multi-factor authentication.
  4. The next screen will contain:
    • Information about the service.
    • Information to be Provided to Service.
    • Data privacy information of the service.
  5. Select an information release consent duration.
    • ASK ME AGAIN AT NEXT LOGIN means that you agree to send your information this time.
    • ASK ME AGAIN IF INFORMATION TO BE PROVIDED TO THIS SERVICE CHANGES means that you agree that the same information will be sent automatically to this service in the future.
    • DO NOT ASK ME AGAIN means that you agree that all of your information will be released to any service. This setting can be revoked at any time with the checkbox on the login page.
  6. After making a consent selection click Accept to move on.
    • Clicking Reject will cancel the login.
      This is a a screenshot of the screen described in the following steps.