Requests(RITM) Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Request Completing Time SLA

ServiceNow Request Item(RITM) SLA's are tracked based on the delivery time per request form. SLA notifications for RITMs will notify the following users:

RITM SLA is based on the Expected Request Fulfillment time and it is different for each request type. Most of the requests are expected to be delivered between 2 to 5 business days and 10 business days is the maximum delivery time frame for DIT fulfilled requests.

The SLA notifications are sent at 50%, 75% and 100% of elapsed time if not fulfilled.

Example: If DBA Request form has a delivery time of 5 business days and once submitted, then SLA breach notifications will go to agents at 3 business days(50%), 4 business days(75%) and 5 business days (100%).

Note: 1 business day  = 9 hours.

The table below shows who will be notified at different SLA elapsed time

50% SLA breach 75% SLA breach 100% SLA breach
Service Owner(s) YES YES YES
TASK assignment group YES YES YES
TASK Assignment group Manager YES YES YES

50% SLA - Service Owners, Task Assignment Group Members, Task Assignment Group Manager

Task Assignment Notifications

TASKs are expected to be assigned to an agent within 4 hours after being created. If a TASK record is not assigned to an agent, ServiceNow sends notifications to the member of the assignment group every 4 hours until the TASK is assigned to an agent.

For SLA on incident table, please refer KB0013826