Request a Quote from Terrapin Tech

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The Terrapin Tech Quote Request Process allows users to request a quote for items provided by the Terrapin Tech Store, to review and request changes to quote options provided by the Terrapin Tech agents, to accept a quote, and determine a payment method to complete the request.

Submit a quote request

  1. To request a quote, go to Terrapin Tech Quote Request.
  2. Fill out the form. Click Submit.
  3. The request is available in My Cases in the IT Support Portal. You can see the state of your request as it moves through the fulfillment process in the Status panel at the top right. 


Request form fields descriptions

Field name


Additional Contact

Add an additional user to receive email notification regarding this request.

Who Will Be Using This Product?

The intended recipient of the product in the quote. This could be an individual employee, a team, a department, or a location. This will be used in the subject line for your request and related email notifications.

What Would You Like to Request?

The products you need a quote for. Include as much detail as possible so Terrapin Tech can provide you with an accurate quote.

Attach a file with information about your request

If you have a file, such as a PDF or Word Document, containing specifications or details about the product that you need a quote for, please attach it here by clicking the “Upload” button and selecting it from your device.

Related Quote

If you have previously used this form to request a quote, and you are requesting similar items, you can select your previous request from the Related Quote dropdown as a reference for the Terrapin Tech agents


Review your Quotes

When Terrapin Tech attaches a quote to your request, you will receive an email notification with a link to view your quote and instructions about how to complete your order. Click the link in the email notification to see your attached quote and a button to approve the quote. 


Approve a quote

  1. Once you have reviewed your quote, click the Approve A Quote button.
    Quote Review
  2. The Terpstore quote request window will open where you will be asked to choose a payment method and to select a quote to approve. You may have multiple options for a quote. 
    • Choose Payment Card as your payment method to display instructions on how Terrapin Tech will provide you with a link to their website to process your payment there.
    • Choose KFS Number to enter a KFS number to charge the order to. If the number you enter is invalid a popup will notify you that the number entered is invalid and needs to be changed. 
      • Click the I Accept button. An email will be sent to the fiscal officer of the entered KFS number to approve the purchase.

    KFS Approval

  3. Terrapin Tech will begin work preparing your order when your card payment is processed and confirmed by Terrapin Tech or your KFS payment is approved by the fiscal officer,