DIT New Network Funding

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In January of 2019 the Division of IT set out to define and implement a new network funding model that would allow us to recoup network costs, invest in future IT needs (both in terms of new technology and refreshing older technologies), and provide transparency to the university community. This model represents a shift from one-off charges, which Departments have been incurring via Pinnacle to a Per FTE charging model that takes advantage of a bundled rate.

This effort replaces the previous charging model and will result in a realignment and simplification of charges to Departments. In partnership with Grant Thornton, we interviewed university stakeholders to better understand their experiences with network billing and services. The information gathered was used to develop cost recovery and rate setting recommendations which are heavily leveraged in the Per FTE charging model we are implementing, effective Fiscal Year 2022.

A Per-FTE model provides a simplified, predictable, and equitable method of network funding cost recovery. This implementation has been approved by the Budget Action Committee.

Bundled and Ad Hoc rates

Service offering One time fee Monthly recurring fee

Network funding bundled services

The FY24 rate is $28.87 per FTE.

Jack activation
(3.5 per FTE based on Department)
Included in bundle Included in bundle
Wireless network connectivity Included in bundle Included in bundle
Telephone Service Included in bundle Included in bundle
Telephone units (1 per FTE) Included in bundle Included in bundle
Conference room phones
(1 per 33 FTEs)
Included in bundle Included in bundle
Local and domestic long distance Included in bundle Included in bundle
International long distance
(up to $200/month per division or college)
Included in bundle Included in bundle


Service offering One time fee Monthly recurring fee

Fees for services outside of bundle

Jack installation (2 port) $400 $0
Telephone unit - analog $0 $3
Telephone unit - VoIP $0 $5
Telephone unit - VoIP conference phone $0 $13
Contact Center Setup $1,000 $53
International long distance $0 Actual costs above bundled allocation
Toll free numbers $60 $10 + usage
Verizon lines $60 $10 + usage


Service offering One time fee Monthly recurring fee

High density installations

Gigabit network connection $0 $5
10Gbps network installation $440 $20
100+ Gbps network installation DIT consultation DIT consultation


Service offering One time fee Monthly recurring fee

Dark fiber installations*

Single Mode 1 Strand $1,000 $50
Single Mode 2 Strands $1,000 $100
Multi Mode 1 Strand $1,000 $50
Multi Mode 2 Strands $1,000 $100

*Based on fiber infrastructure availability. Requires DIT Consultation.


Service offering One time fee Monthly recurring fee


Technician consultation/labor hourly rate DIT consultation $60/hour + materials
Cherry Hill Road Data Center (Full Rack) DIT consultation $233
Cherry Hill Road Data Center (Shared Rack) DIT consultation $6.48
AVW Data Center DIT consultation $0
ISP services - for 3rd party requests outside of UMD DIT consultation DIT Consultation/ Signed MOU


Network funding charge per FTE

The FY24 rate will be $28.87 per FTE (prorated for FTEs < 1) for PHR appointment types: regular, faculty, contingent 2, contingent 1, hourly students, and graduate assistants. Appointment types, such as affiliates, with zero FTE will not be charged as these are non-standard appointments.

Charges occur bi-weekly and pull FTE information from payroll each pay period. Charges are incurred at the PHR Department level. Each department is able to assign a (non-ledger 4 or 5) KFS number that will be used to process these charges.

Charges for hourly appointments are one pay period behind, as they are with payroll. For instance, charges in PP03 are for hourly appointment FTE records from PP02. Each fiscal year, charges will hit similarly to how payroll does. There will be a reversal from the new FY to the old FY for non-hourly appointments for PP01.

There will be a yearly review of the rate/bundle. This governance process is still being finalized, but final rate approval will be made by the Budget Action Committee and UMD President.


FY24 object codes

The only exceptions are charges processed by our Software Licensing team and the Terrapin Tech store.


KFS account maintenance form and reports

The KFS network funding account maintenance form and reports can be found at https://kfs.umd.edu/portal.jsp.

KFS network funding account

This maintenance form must be used to assign a (non-ledger 4 or 5) KFS account number to each department. It can be used to update the KFS number assigned as well. 

Any new departments created using the Establish a New Campus Organizational Unit/Code form is required to assign a Network Funding KFS number at the time of creation. This can be updated later on if needed using KFS Network Funding Account maintenance form.

The Network Funding Account maintenance form can be found on the main menu Lookup and Maintenanceand then  Chart of Accountsand then  Network Funding Account form

For more details, see Set or Update a department's KFS number



Access KFS reports by clicking the KFS Reports button under the Main Menu Navigation tab. 

Depending on your access level, utilize either DIT400: Division Network Funding Accounts or DIT200: Department Network Funding Accounts to generate a list of your departments that need Network Funding Account assignment.

You can download the report as a spreadsheet or PDF. The spreadsheet will allow easy copy/paste of department codes. Departments are all coded P+6 digits (P******) and are called Organization or Org Codes in KFS.