What Do I Lose Access to after Graduation?

Table of contents

After graduation

All students lose access to the following services after graduation. Read the Overview of Account Terminations for Students article for more details.


Approximately one year after graduation

All students lose access to the following accounts and account data at the end of the term starting one year from their last registered semester. For example, a graduate in Spring 2021 will have access to their account until the end of the Spring 2022 semester. Please be aware that many faculty set an end date or terminate access to their ELMS-Canvas courses for students at the end of the semester. For more details, see Access to and Preservation of Account Data for Students, Faculty and Staff.


Unlimited access

Students will eventually lose access to all services that require them to sign in with their university credentials, except for Testudo (limited access) and TERPmail (including associated apps like Google Drive). For more information about terpmail, go see this TERPmail FAQ article.


Terrapin Tech services

After graduation you will no longer be eligible for Terrapin Tech services.


If you have any questions, contact the Service Desk.