Manage Change Requests Using the ELMS-Canvas Management Tool

What is the Change Requests tool?

Change Requests are how the ELMS-Canvas Management Tool (EMT) stores customizations to SIS data that gets uploaded to ELMS-Canvas, like splitting or merging sections, or customizing the course Long Name.  The changes made by users are stored as Change Requests, and used to transform the data coming from SIS before being uploaded to ELMS-Canvas. There is one record per Term-Course-Section. Edits to a course with multiple sections creates records for every section in that course.

What does the Change Request tool do?

The Manage Change Requests tool allows an individual with an administrative role in EMT to delete the Change Request records for themselves. This is the only way to undo Creating Single Section Courses or Combining Sections and Courses edits, to restore a course or section to its original Course Space in ELMS-Canvas. Deleting the record will remove all customizations.

NOTE: EMT caches Course and Section data to improve performance of the interface, and refreshes this cache every 15 minutes or so. The change to Course and Section data will show up in the other tools when this cache is refreshed. Any changes that need to be remade can be done at this time. The batch job uploads the data to ELMS-Canvas every 2 hours, all changes to the data will be uploaded at that time.