Instructions for Code42 Organization Administrators

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This article is for UMD IT administrators that have been identified by their departments as Code42 Organization Administrators. It outlines the DIT and Code42 recommended methods for user enrollment and management and recommended agent deployment methods.  Departments that are considering using Code42 for end-point backups can find service details in the Workstation Backup service catalog entry.  Refer to the catalog entry for pricing structure and service on-boarding details.

This documentation does not provide end-user backup and restore documentation. For end-user backup and restore documentation, refer to Workstation Backup: Code42.

Organization administrators introduction

As a Code42 Organization Administrator, you’ll have access to your specified organization through the Code42 console to manage user enrollments, devices and litigation hold policies for your organization.  

Organization Administrators can reach the UMD code42 console using their email address as the login email address.

For detailed instructions on navigating the code42 console and the role of organization administrators, see Organizations Reference.


Organizational user management

Org admins can enroll other accounts and subsequently, those enrolled users can then download the Code42 agent, install it on their desktops or laptops and begin protecting their workstation data. This section outlines common user management tasks, including user enrollment, deactivation and license quota (subscription) information.


User enrollment

Enrollment via Active Directory group management

DIT recommends using AD group membership to manage enrollment of users. To enroll a user into Code42 into your organization, you will need to know what organization-specific AD group is used to manage those enrollments. Enrolling a user is then an exercise of adding users into the AD group as necessary.  Synchronization between the AD users and groups occurs on a regularly scheduled basis, 3 times per day. Part of the on-boarding process for new departments using Code42 will be to establish this workflow with DIT staff.

For more information on creating and using an AD group to manage Code42 enrollments, visit the Active Directory service page.

Once your users are enrolled and appear in your organization in Code42, proceed to Device management to configure endpoints for backups.


Manual enrollment

To manually add a new user:


User deactivation

When a user departs the University, or leaves your organization, it is recommended to do the following.

  1. Ensure the user workstation data is not subject to a legal hold.
  2. Deactivate the user from the Code42 console for your organization, if there is no legal hold. To do this, navigate to the user entry in Code42 and click the gear icon drop-down to select Deactivate from the drop-down list.
  3. Remove the user email address from the AD group.


User quota information

The Division of IT manages the licenses consumed for UMD's Code42 tenant. The quotas in place for your organization cannot be adjusted without additional licensing procurements and updates to your organizational MOU (established at the time of on-boarding).  For current licensing rates, refer to the  "Service Fees" section of the Workstation Backup catalog entry.


Device management

Once a user is enrolled in Code42, organization administrators can start deploying the Code42 agents to devices assigned to the newly enrolled users. Users can have up to 4 managed devices.  


Using MECM (formerly SCCM) or JAMF to manage devices

DIT recommends using the MECM and JAMF device management tools to automatically deploy the agents to end-user devices. In order to deploy agents transparently to your end-users using these utilities, ensure the user ID on the device matches the UMD directory ID. You will need to know the end-user device UMD asset number(s) and the end-user’s Directory ID.


Manual device management

Manual device management is also possible in cases where the user ID on the device may not match the directory ID. Provide the most recent version of the Code42 agent binaries to the end-user.

Proceed through the installation steps. The username will be in the form of an email, e.g. If the user is requested to enter a server connection string, the correct entry is


Common device tasks

If you have a suggestion on a common device task that you would like to see documented and verified by DIT staff members, send an email to

Service cost information

For UMD fiscal year 2022, the cost for a Code42 user license is $83.00 per user per year with up to 4 devices per user.