Mass Updates to Knowledge Articles For Product and Service Changes

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Content owner process

Content owners must inform Knowledge Management when a change to a product or service occurs that may impact knowledge articles. Knowledge Management will work with content owners to update the affected articles.

Content owners should provide as much specific information about the change as possible so that Knowledge Management will provide as accurate a review as possible. This may mean providing us with the product changelog, press release or other information. 

Content owners will work with Knowledge Management to craft the update. This may mean changing, removing and adding text, images and video.


  1. Provide Knowledge Management with as much information about the change as possible. When will does the change happen? When do articles need to be updated?
  2. Work with Knowledge Management to craft how the article will change. What text, images or video may be impacted? How would you like them updated?
  3. Review the changes and approve new version to knowledge articles.


Knowledge management process

  1. Understand what is being changed and how the content owner wants the articles updated. Review the documentation provided by the content owner.
  2. Create a spreadsheet of all possibly affected articles.
  3. Review the articles and mark which ones need to be updated.
  4. Update the articles. Collaborate with the content owner on the changes and get sign approval.
  5. Publish the revisions.

NOTE: Some updates may require working with the ServiceNow administrators, who can make mass updates to affected knowledge articles, texts or fields in ServiceNow via code.