ELMS-Canvas New Term Instructor Reminders

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Here are some reminders of actions you may need to take to ensure a smooth start to your use of ELMS-Canvas this semester.

Minimum technical requirements for using ELMS-Canvas

Accessing ELMS-Canvas with Safari

Temporarily disable the Prevent cross-site tracking option in the Safari browser privacy settings to restore ELMS-Canvas functionality.


ELMS-Canvas management

You can reuse content from past semester courses. Review the Import Content from One ELMS-Canvas Course Space to Another article for help importing files, assignments, quizzes and the like. Questions about designing your ELMS-Canvas course or using ELMS-Canvas tools can be directed to itsupport@umd.edu. If you have previously hidden a global announcement from your ELMS-Canvas dashboard, you now have the ability to view these announcements in your ELMS-Canvas account.


ELMS-Canvas Management Tool (EMT)

Create single section courses

Faculty have the ability to see in the course code (AASP100-0101, for example) the section of the course that was split off from the original course space when creating a single section course. See Create ELMS-Canvas Single Section Course Space for details.

Manage students in non-term based courses

Faculty have the ability to manage and update student messaging permissions in the following terms for non-term based courses:

See Managing Student Messaging in ELMS-Canvas Via EMT for details.

Independent studies

ELMS-Canvas spaces for courses identified as an independent study are not automatically created. Use the EMT Create Single Section Course Space tool to create an ELMS-Canvas space.