One Button Studio FAQs

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What can you do with the One Button Studio?

The One Button Studio (OBS) can help you create the video content you need to engage the University of Maryland community. Better reach visual and auditory learners by recording your presentation and posting it online for students or colleagues to view.




NOTE: OBS is not a video editing resource. If you plan to edit your video, you’ll need to source other equipment and software. See below for more information.


What should you bring to the One Button Studio?

You should bring:

Optional to bring:


How do I schedule a time in One Button Studio?

Review this article on how to Schedule the One Button Studio.


Where are the One Button Studios?

One Button Studios are located at the following locations on the University of  Maryland campus:


Can someone help with video editing?

If you need help taking your video to the next level, or to just make a few edits, there are resources on campus that can assist.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty who need assistance editing their video may reach out to the Division of IT’s Academic Technology and Innovation unit. They provide video production and editing services (free or fee-based, depending on the level of support and equipment needed). For more information, see Academic Technology and Innovation Media Studio Services.

Academic Technology and Innovation's Media Studio is located in B0324 of the Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center by appointment. See also Video Capture and Production Resources for further information about post-filming options. 


McKeldin Library offers media services to students.

TERPware offers video editing software such as Premiere Pro (part of the Adobe Creative Cloud App) for free. They also offer other software at reduced prices.


How do I learn about advanced features (multiple angles, adjustable cameras)?

If you desire increased features for your video recording (multiple angles, adjustable cameras, etc.), we recommend that you consider these other campus resources.


How do I operate the One Button Studio?

Review the Operate the One Button Studio article.


What are some best practices for creating video presentations?

Review the Best Practices for video presentation section of the Operate the One Button Studio article.


Need help? 

If you have issues with the technology, contact Classroom Support or call 301.405.2500.