Submit Adobe Spark Assets to ELMS-Canvas Assignments or Discussion

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Adobe Spark is integrated with ELMS-Canvas, making it easy for students to submit digital content to assignments and discussion posts. Spark gives students an opportunity to create graphics, posters, web pages, presentations and short videos which can then be uploaded into an assignment from Spark.

As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of tools, students have access to a premium version of Adobe Spark. Students must use their university Directory credentials to log into Spark in order to sync Spark with ELMS-Canvas.

Log in to Adobe Spark

  1. Go to Adobe Spark. Click Log in with school account.
  2. When the Sign-in request opens, enter your University of Maryland(UMD) email and select continue.
  3. Select Company or School Account.
  4. You may be prompted to use your CAS login. Enter your University Directory ID and password. Click Log in.

NOTE: From Adobe Spark, students are able to Create a project, Publish and Share links to graphics and web pages, or download .png or .jpg versions of graphics and mp4 versions of videos. These file formats can then be uploaded, as enabled by an instructor, to an assignment. In addition, all digital assets can be directly shared with an ELMS-Canvas assignment via the Turn in to Canvas option in Adobe Spark. 

If you have never created a Spark project, please see one of these Getting Started videos.


Options for turning in an Adobe Spark asset to an ELMS-Canvas assignment

Your instructor will provide the requirements for how to submit the assignment in the notes field of the assignment to which you will submit an Adobe Spark asset. Options for the Online Submission type can be: Website URL, Media Recording, or File Upload.

Submitting an Adobe Spark asset via File upload

  1. Save your project in a shareable format and download the file to your local computer.
  2. Locate the assignment in your ELMS-Canvas course and click the Submit Assignment button. You can attach more than one file by clicking on + Add Another File.
  3. Click on the Choose File button and select the file you wish to upload.
  4. Use the Comments field if you want to send a note to the instructor with your file.
  5. Click Submit Assignment.
    Click choose file and select the file that you wish to upload

Submitting an Adobe Spark asset via a Website URL

  1. Share your project on the Adobe Spark site.
  2. Once your project is complete, click Publish and Share in your project.

    Click the share button then click Publish and Share link

  3. Wait until the application finishes processing your Spark page. Spark will provide a link to your project.

    Copy the shareable link
  4. Select Copy. Go back to your assignment in ELMS and paste the Website URL box. 
  5. Click Submit Assignment.

    Paste the copied URL into the Website URL field

Submitting an Adobe Spark video

  1. Locate the assignment in your ELMS-Canvas course and click on the Submit Assignment button. Click on the Media tab.
  2. In the resulting dialog box, click on the Upload Media link.
  3. Click on the Select Video File link and locate the MP4 file that you downloaded.
  4. Open the file and click on the MP4 file containing the Spark video. Upload progress will be displayed by a status bar.
  5. Click on the Submit Assignment button.


Other options for Adobe Spark assignments

Your instructor may include an example of a Spark asset as part of the assignment. The example can then be edited by each student when they open a copy in Spark. If your instructor has placed a Spark example in the assignment, students will be prompted to select Make a copy.

This action will take students to the Adobe Spark sign-in page. Follow the steps under Log in to Adobe Spark above. A copy of your instructor’s example will open in your projects. You can preview or edit it. If your instructor has asked you to use it as a template, rename it before you begin your edits.

Attach a Spark project in discussions

  1. Go to the discussion topic for which you wish to incorporate a Spark project.
  2. Select Reply in the Discussion topic. This will reveal the Rich Content Editor in the reply box.
  3. Click on the Chevron icon.

    Click on the chevron icon and select Adobe Spark

  4. Select Adobe Spark from the menu of tools.
  5. Review the thumbnails of your Spark projects. Click once on the one you wish to embed in the discussion and click on the Attach option.


Sending your Spark project file to an Elms assignment

The integration between Spark and ELMS comes from the feature that enables you to Turn in to Canvas. This integration enables you to select a course in which you have a student role and then identify the assignment to which the asset should be submitted.


Collaborating in Spark on a group project

Adobe Spark assets can also be shared between students for group projects. Note that when a member of the group uses one of the methods of upload a file or URL to the assignment described above, they will get a message reminding them that the submission will count for everyone in their group.

If an Adobe Spark asset is uploaded for a group assignment, you will a message reminding you that the submission will count for everyone in their group

For instructions on Spark collaboration, see  Collaborating on Adobe Spark Projects.