Zoom Support Sessions

Remote Support sessions provide IT Support personnel the capability to interact with customers to resolve most issues relating to operating systems and application support.

Privacy and personally-Identifiable Information in UMD

Certain student, faculty and staff information and privacy are protected by federal, state and other laws. Be sure you are meeting legal standards when using UMD audiovisual recording systems. Learn how to protect yourself and other UMD community members by reading this article on how to protect student privacy and personally-Identifiable Information in UMD audiovisual recording systems.

Starting a Zoom Support Session


Start a Zoom support session:

  1. Sign into https://umd.zoom.us.
  2. Turn on Remote support. Once this is set on, there is no need to set it every time.
    • From the navigation menu, click Settings then In Meeting (Advanced).
      Illustration to click Settings then In Meeting (Advanced)
    • Toggle/Turn on Remote support.
      NOTE: Enabling Remote support will disable breakout rooms.
      Illustration showing how to toggle on Remote Support
  3. From the meeting, click Support to begin the Remote Support Session.
    Illustration of for clicking Support from Meeting

For more detailed instructions for how to connect to Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, visit Requesting or giving remote control.