What is SensusAccess?

What is SensusAccess?

SensusAccess is an automated document conversion service that allows you to convert your readings into alternate formats. You can also use SensusAccess to convert inaccessible or tricky documents into more accessible formats. With SensusAccess, you can convert your readings, slides and lecture notes into formats that work best for you such as:

You can also use SensusAccess to convert scanned PDF documents, pictures of text captured with your smartphone as well as PowerPoint presentations into formats that are more useful for you or easier to work with. SensusAccess is a great service if you are having difficulties with printed text, if you want to experiment with different learning styles, if you need assistance when reading text in a foreign language or if you simply want to make your readings available on the go.

Here is the original SensusAccess Basic Information PDF.

How do I use SensusAccess?

SensusAccess is provided by your university or college to augment your alternate media needs. The service is provided through an accessible web interface on your campus website and you will need your campus email address to access the service. Using the web form, you simply:

  1. Upload your document to SensusAccess.
  2. Select how you want it converted.
  3. Enter your email address.

Once your document is ready, you will receive an email in your inbox. SensusAccess can also be accessed through email. SensusAccess is entirely automated and the documents you submit to the service are automatically deleted once they have been converted. You do not need to worry about keeping your privacy as SensusAccess does not store personal information.

Where can I learn more about SensusAccess?

Even through SensusAccess is fairly simple and intuitive to use, sometimes you will get better results if you know more about how the service works and how to prepare your source documents. To learn more about SensusAccess and how to get the most out of the service, an entire e-learning course is freely available. You can find the SensusAccess e-learning course and additional resources at https://itaccessibility.umd.edu/sensusaccess.