Sign in to Zoom

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Sign in to Zoom

  1. Go to
  2. Click one of the following options:
    • Click Sign in to access your Zoom profile.
    • Click Host to start your own meeting.
    • Click Join to connect to a meeting as a participant.
      UMD Zoom Home screen
  3. Sign in to the Central Authentication Service (CAS) with your University Credentials. You may be asked to complete Multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Sign in with the Zoom desktop app

  1. Select the Sign In with SSO link. The Sign In window has several options. Do not sign in on the upper fields.
    Zoom Desktop App Login screen
    NOTE: If you have a free Zoom account, do not use this login to configure your UMD Zoom account.

  2. When the SSO link opens, type in UMD.
    Your company domain field with umd as the input.
  3. When you Submit, you will be taken to the UMD CAS login page. Log in with your University of Maryland credentials and authenticate.
  4. You may see see a prompt that wants to open this application. Click Open
    Open prompt with focus on Open button.

Access Zoom on a Mobile Device

For information about downloading and using Zoom on a mobile device visit the Zoom conferencing on tablets article.

Access Zoom in ELMS-Canvas

To learn about using Zoom in ELMS-Canvas use one of the relevant DIT guides below.