Email Requirements for Zoom Use in ELMS

Table of contents

Instructors and co-instructors

Individuals with an instructor, co-instructor or teaching assistant (TA) role can set up Zoom meeting rooms in ELMS-Canvas, provided they have first configured their Zoom account. See Instructor’s Guide to Zoom for instructions on configuration your Zoom account.

To set up Zoom meetings in ELMS-Canvas, your default email identified in your ELMS-Canvas user account settings MUST be your university email (that is, Using any other email will generate an error code.

To check, click on the Account icon in the ELMS-Canvas global navigation, then click on the Settings link.

NOTE: The email address(es) are listed under Ways to Contact. The university email address ( must be identified with a Favorited star. If it is not, click on the Edit Settings button and select the university email in the default email field.


Students, instructional colleagues and observers

Individuals with a student, instruction colleague or observer role in ELMS-Canvas do not need a University of Maryland (UMD) Zoom account to view scheduled meetings, participate in meetings or playback recordings in ELMS-Canvas. HOWEVER, those not logged into a UMD Zoom account will be placed in a waiting room until a host admits them.  For more information, see Zoom Waiting Room Requirement: Managing Meeting Access for UMD and External Collaborators. These roles do NOT have the ability to create or host meetings in ELMS-Canvas. This feature is not enabled. These individuals do not need to do anything with their email address in ELMS-Canvas.

If students want to create Zoom meetings, they can visit Zoom, login with their UMD credentials and an account will be created through Single-Sign On. See Authenticate your Zoom account for a Personal Room in the Student Guide for Using Zoom in an ELMS-Canvas Course.


Teaching assistants

TAs can schedule and host meeting in ELMS-Canvas. For TAs to create or host meetings in ELMS-Canvas, their email must be an email address. Terpmail email addresses CANNOT be used as the default email address.

TAs with a email must go to ARES to change their email address to

  1. Go to ARES.
  2. Click Change email address under Quick Links.
  3. Click on the Email link at the top of the page.
  4. Replace the TERPmail email address with the default address. Making this change will automatically update the information in ELMS-Canvas within 24 hours.

NOTE: TAs whose appointments began after January 1, 2020 were automatically provisioned with accounts and should not need to address a issue.