Implementing Disability Accommodations with Honorlock

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Honorlock provides remote exam proctoring of ELMS-Canvas exams for those subject to identity verification and/or proctoring requirements. Honorlock is integrated with ELMS-Canvas, so there is no software to download; however, students will need a webcam and microphone and will need to add the Honorlock Chrome extension to their browser.


Minimum systems requirements for students

Operating system

Windows 8 and 10

MacOS 10.11 and higher



Google Chrome (minimum version 79)


Speed:1.5 MBps download, 750 Kbps upload

Not compatible

iOS, iPadOS and Android do not support the full Chrome browser and are not compatible with Honorlock.


Providing accommodation

Bypass Honorlock

Instructors can authorize a student to bypass Honorlock if the student experiences an issue that cannot be remediated or if their accommodations cannot be met while using Honorlock. Honorlock provides each institution with a unique bypass pin, which the instructor then provides to that specific student who needs to take the exam without Honorlock. When the student accesses the exam, they will still be presented with the Honorlock dashboard but should then select the Accessibility button and enter the bypass pin. The pin must not be shared among students. (After the exam has been completed by all students, the instructor can see who has used the bypass pin.) More detailed instructions are available in the attached Honorlock's Bypass Pin - Faculty Guide(pdf) file.

Bypass codes for specific exams

Bypass codes can be generated for specific exams. Instructors should contact Honorlock live chat support and an agent will generate a code for them on the spot to use in one exam.

Exam profile features that support accommodations

Below are features that can be enabled to support student accommodations. This can be done by adjusting an exam's profile.:

  1. Enable on-screen calculator
  2. Disable Browser Guard. It may conflict with a student's Adaptive technology which may be an online application
  3. Add scientific calculators to the exam whitelist (examples:,
  4. Enable Copy/Paste - In case of a student who needs to use Dragon or Kurzweil and they need to copy/paste content from another application if the AT doesn’t integrate with Honorlock.

Detailed instructions on how to enable these features can be found in the attached Honorlock's guide for Creating, Managing and Applying Exam Profiles(pdf) file.


Getting help

Honorlock contact

UMD-Division of Information Technology contact


UMD resources

Below are articles from the IT Library on Honorlock.