Setting up Windows 10 Desktops for Remote Access

  1. Press the Windows Key and Type: advanced system settings. Click View advanced system settings.
    Windows start menu with View advanced system swtting highlighted.
  2. Click on Remote tab
  3. Make sure Allow Remote connection to this computer is selected and Allow the connection only from computers running Desktop with Network Level Authentication is checked. Click on Select Users at the bottom right above Apply.
    System propertied menu with red arrows pointing to "Allow remote connections..." and "Select Users...".
  4. Click Add.
    Click add.
  5. Type your directory ID (the part of your email before the @ sign), then click Check Names.
  6. Click OK, make a note of your desktop’s name. This laptop's name is DESKTOPCG3NHKN, you will need it to log in remotely.
    Select Users popup with red arrow pointing to OK.
  7. Click Add, then click OK on the remote Desktop users box.
  8. Click Apply; your system is ready for you to connect to it remotely.
    Remote tab of System properties.

Connecting to desktop from windows computer running Remote Desktop

  1. Connect to GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network client.
  2. Press the Windows Key and Type:
  3. remote desktop
  4. Enter the name of the computer /users' name (for example, DESKTOP-CG3NHKN\john smith)


    the system's IP address for the computer name.  

    NOTE: If the system has a Private IP address, then you must enter that number.  You need to check with your local LAN Administrator if there are any issues with connecting.

    Remote Desktop connection main screen
    Remote Desktop connection main screen with Computer field filled in.
  5. Click Connect and login.
    Click connect
    6. Click Yes, then login to your desktop.
    "The identity of the remote computer cannot be verfied, Do you want to connect anyway" confirmation screen