Create a Practice Exam in Honorlock

NOTE: Honorlock is available by request only. To learn more, including associated fees, contact

Before using Honorlock to deploy a proctored exam, consider providing a practice session for your students that will enable them to experience the requirements of setting up for proctoring without engaging the Honorlock staff. Once created, a basic three question exam is auto-generated.

  1. In ELMS-Canvas, navigate to Honorlock. To add Honorlock to your ELMS-Canvas course navigation bar, read Instructor Guide to Honorlock.
  2. Locate and click the three white vertical dots in the top right of the learning technology integration (LTI).
  3. NOTE: Honorlock Icons in grey are exams that are not currently enabled with Honorlock.
    The three white dots are next to the chat icon.
  4. In the drop-down menu, click Add Practice Exam. A prompt will appear and ask if you would like to add an Honorlock Practice Exam. Click OK.
    The Honorlock prompt asks if you are sure you want to add an Honorlock Practice Exam.
  5. A Practice Exam has now been generated for you and will display in the LTI.
  6. Now that you have successfully added a Practice Exam, it’s time to enable it with Honorlock. Click the blue Enable button.
    The blue Enable button is located to the right of the Practice Exam.
  7. Optionally, click on any of the options to toggle them ON or OFF.
    A list of the many profile options to turn on or off.
  8. Make sure to click the blue Enable button to save your settings.
  9. Your practice exam is now enabled with Honorlock. Exams that are Honorlock enabled will display the blue Honorlock shield rather than the grey shield.

Click the How to Create a Practice Exam.pdf file (also in the Attachments section below) for a PDF of the step-by-step instructions.