Security guidelines when using Honorlock

Instructors should be aware of the following security concerns and best practices when using Honorlock.

Top five mistakes in online assessments

Honorlock has put together useful information on the top five mistakes in online assessments. To learn about the settings listed below, visit the Honorlock instructor guide. Here is a summary of Honorlock's information.

  1. Not verifying student identity.
    • The best way is to use the webcam to capture an image of both the student and their photo ID.
  2. Not detecting and preventing mobile phones.
    • Your students need to know that their external device use will be monitored and that, if they attempt to access unauthorized content, it will be detected and penalized according to their school's Honor Code of Conduct.
  3. Not checking for notes, friends and other sources of help.
    • Have the student scan the room with their webcam before beginning.
    • Honorlock detects when a student stands up, leaves the room or diverts their eyes from the screen helps make sure the student stays on track.
    • Block access to other browser windows, new tabs and applications.
  4. Not monitoring in real-time.
    • Proctors can intervene, interrupt any issues and help students get back on track in the moment to help improve academic outcomes.
  5. Watching the entire exam live.
    • Using AI technology to monitor the exam and alert proctors to potential issues provide more flexibility and relief while still maintaining integrity.

Honorlock best practices

Honorlock's information about best practices for protecting integrity and preventing cheating offers a deeper look at why cheating occurs and how to stop it.