Transfer content from your Terpmail to a personal Google account

TERPmail accounts have the option to transfer email and Google Drive data to a personal Google Account. Labels are preserved in the emails transferred from the TERPmail account. Content transfer can take up to 6 days to complete. Follow the steps below to start the transfer process. 

  1. Login into Transfer your content with your TERPmail account.
  2. Enter the personal account to which you would like to migrate your TERPmail data in the Enter a destination account field. 
  3. Click Send Code. A verification code will be sent to your personal Gmail account.
  4. Login to your personal Gmail account and open the Verify your account email from Google.
  5. Click Get confirmation code. This will redirect you to a screen with your confirmation code.
  6. Copy the confirmation code then click Continue. You will be redirected to the TERPmail content transfer page.
    Confirmation Code
  7. Enter the confirmation code then click Verify.
  8. Once the account has been verified, you will have the option to migrate your emails, your Google Drive content or both.
  9. After you have made your selection, click Start Transfer.
    Select Content to transfer
  10. A confirmation email will be sent to both accounts indicating that the transfer is in progress. You will be notified by email in both accounts once the transfer is complete.