Create an ELMS Custom Course Space

When an instructor requests that a second course space to created, usually to enable students to be enrolled in a “lecture” version of the course as well as a “lab” version, Service Desk 2 and ELMS administrators have the ability to Create an ELMS Custom Course space.


  1.  Log into and click on the Create Custom ELMS Spaces link.

    Click Create Custom ELMS Spaces
  2. Select the correct term and then either enter the course ID or the instructor directory ID.  Click on the Load Sections button.

    Click Load Sections
  3. Drag the Course Sections that should be “cloned” into a second ELMS course space from the Course Sections list into the Custom Course field.

    Drag sections into another course space
  4. Update the Custom Course name (usually to include the word LAB or LECTURE or whatever is suggested by the instructor).  Then click on the Submit button.

    Update the custom course name and click submit
  5. Usually, once the custom space is created, the instructor(s) are enrolled immediately, student enrollments follow within 2 hours.